Welcome to Seven Streams Consulting!
We have been in business for 12 years as of 2018. I have a high
passion for my community to be a global leader and innovator on
many fronts.  I am a collaborator who is highly motivated to see
success and sustainability.  Goal is to develop clients who can
sustain a viable entity for five years.  I have worked with a diverse
clientele, from beauty industry reps, to community advocates, to
real estate managers and DJ’s.  I can serve a wide variety of clients
because I use a collaborative business model.  This model
emphasizes working with former clients as well as large consortium
of enterprises.  We work as a team to lift as we climb.  There is a
concept of multiple streams of income that has proven effective.  
Seven Streams Consulting has helped launch over a dozen
enterprises and similar number of non-profits.  We would be happy
to help you launch you dream…contact us soon for comprehensive
viability assessment.